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  • Auditing
  • Biological Services
  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Environmental Assessments
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  • Radioactivity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Social & Economic Studies
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Our experience includes successful completion of over 5000 local and worldwide projects spanning the breadth of environmental service areas since 1980. Across these service areas, our staff have been involved in policy development and review, technical assessments, delivery of specialized and expert advice interpreting government regulations, peer reviews, and all levels of project management and implementation.

SENES undertakes projects for a wide variety of clients including:

  • Governments - Federal, Provincial, Municipal and international; SENES works for governments in Canada and around the world giving advice, developing policy and building capacity, training and undertaking expert reviews and special studies.
  • Non-governmental organizations - local, regional, national and international; we have worked on behalf of community groups, environmental interest groups and others to peer review environmental studies and represent their interests.
  • Aboriginal Communities - First Nations and Métis; Projects undertaken include environmental assessments, peer reviews, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and capacity building.
  • Industry Associations and Task Forces - SENES has undertaken work or supported industry associations in many areas of specialty. SENES senior staff serve on a number of national and international Task Forces and expert bodies.